Help Wanted

So I have a pinch of people – not even a handful – who I can bounce my story off of. As great as they are, I need more. So if anyone is willing to help, please contact me. It is YA kind of a fantasy Moby Dick but hopefully one you don’t have to lie about finishing.



I have just discovered the site Trello and omg where has it been all my life? Digital story boarding, basically.


“What If This Is All the Love You Ever Get?”
Snow Patrol
Wildness (2018)

The singer is in his early forties and is unmarried and badly wants a family. Though I am not in his exact position, I feel very close to this song. I have lost loved ones like flies, and anyone new who learns about my situation freaks out and treats me like something Frankenstinian. So yeah, this song speaks to me.


I just realized last night that my setting is a perfect setup for steampunk and it’s four or five years old. God I thought I was smart. Would love to hear from anyone about this so I can bounce ideas off of someone, because all I can really think of are carriages and some police stuff. They don’t do anything to ships.